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The process normally begins with a phone call or meeting. Next, we discuss the terms of the work we will do for you and execute a fee agreement.   We will gladly come to you to pick up a file or files for review, although we are also happy to accept files sent or otherwise delivered to our office. We also provide a form (‘triage sheet”) that you can fill out (or that we will be happy to fill out for you) for each file sent to our office.  The triage sheet serves as an easy reference document and it proves to be very helpful in any case that progresses into litigation.

As far as litigation and cooperation are concerned, we settle the vast majority of our cases.  We are hoping that you will be amenable to testifying in court or at a deposition.

When referring a case to The Law Office of PIP Collect, LLC, we typically will need the following:

  • Case Referral Sheet (provided by the Law Office of PIP Collect, LLC)
  • The patient’s complete medical file including:
    • All treatment reports & notes
    • Current bill showing all charges, payments & balance
    • All registration paperwork
    • Health insurance information(if any)
  • All correspondence with the PIP carrier including all letters, checks, IME’s, EOBs, etc.
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