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Five Reasons Why You Should Use The Law Office of PIP Collect, LLC to Litigate For You

Five Reasons Why You Should Use The Law Office of PIP Collect, LLC to Litigate For You

1. You deserve compensation for your hard work, and should not fear the insurance companies:

When we first started representing medical providers on a full time basis in 2008, our clients were concerned that the big insurance companies would retaliate for trying to recover outstanding amounts on PIP claims. We have found that not only is this not the case but after a couple of years some of our clients had fewer cases for us because the insurance companies were paying their bills in full!

2. You should use the Law Office of PIP Collect, LLC as the last resort in your billing process:

You have worked hard to build a successful practice. We encourage you to follow your normal procedures in order to get paid. However, we know at times there is only so much you can do. Once you receive a denial or a reduction from the insurance company, you or your staff should contact the Law Office of PIP Collect, LLC to begin the process for recovery. Consider the Law Office of PIP Collect, LLC a part of your billing process – but make it your last resort.

3. Your time should be spent treating patients, not chasing them for payment:

You have trained to help people get better, not to chase them for money. If you have a patient who has a balance owed, and you have been denied payment by the auto insurance company, send it right over. We will put our team right on it for you.

4. We will travel to you and keep you updated:

We understand you don’t have the resources to pull your files and review them for outstanding money owed. Don’t bother. Our PIP team will come to you and review your files at your instruction. We have a triage team that will then immediately and individually address each file. We provide you with a direct relationship with one of our team members who will keep you updated on the status of your claim so that you are not kept in the dark.

5. We pay the costs of filing suit:

Every business needs cash flow to be successful. You should not have to invest money to get money that ALREADY BELONGS TO YOU. While other PIP law firms require upfront payment from their clients, our success rate is so good that we don’t need to do that. We will pay all of the costs of filing suit and we will ask for reimbursement only if we are successful in collecting from the insurance companies, and in many cases we waive the filing fee altogether!

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