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Author: competenow

Why You Should Never Quit

It is a new year and it is a good time to reflect on what's been working and what hasn't been working in your practice. Are you getting your bills fully paid by auto insurers or are they still chipping away at your invoices? Are you getting criticized by "independent" insurance company doctors who claim that you are over treating your patients or providing them with bad advice? Are your bills being cut by some arbitrary computer program? If not, then you have nothing to change about your practice. But, if you're like most medical providers trying to provide good...

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Five Reasons Why You Should Use The Law Office of PIP Collect, LLC to Litigate For You

1. You deserve compensation for your hard work, and should not fear the insurance companies: When we first started representing medical providers on a full time basis in 2008, our clients were concerned that the big insurance companies would retaliate for trying to recover outstanding amounts on PIP claims. We have found that not only is this not the case but after a couple of years some of our clients had fewer cases for us because the insurance companies were paying their bills in full! 2. You should use the Law Office of PIP Collect, LLC as the last resort in your billing process: You...

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How does a $780.00 PIP claim turn into a $25,000 judgment?

In the fog of litigation an advocate can sometimes lose sight of the real issues at hand. Overzealous insurance defense lawyers and hard ball insurance company tactics recently turned a simple PIP claim into a multi-year battle. The result should deter them from such tactics in the future. A local chiropractor treated a patient who had been injured in a car accident. The PIP insurance company paid the first $2,000 of benefits, and the chiropractor then submitted additional bills to the patient's health insurance. The health insurer declined to pay for hot and cold pack treatments, using a billing code indicating...

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Coordination of Benefits

The following is a guide for handling situations involving coordination of patient insurance benefits per the rules as set forth in 2008 by the Commissioner of Insurance of Massachusetts: Patient does not have private health insurance; or has MassHealth, Medicare, Medicaid or a fully self-funded ERISA-based health insurance plan: PIP will pay up to $8,000 in medical expenses, lost wages, or replacement services. Once $8,000 is exhausted, further charges are submitted to the same insurer for payment out of any applicable MedPay benefits. If no MedPay benefits exist, charges remaining unpaid may then be submitted to MassHealth, Medicare, Medicaid or the ERISA...

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Your Patient Has Been “Cut Off” By an IME – What Do You Do Now?

So, you've been providing treatment to your patient who was in a motor vehicle accident. The patient's PIP insurer sends your patient to their insurance doctor for an "independent" medical examination. As expected, the "independent" doctor finds that the treatment has been reasonable and necessary but that the client no longer needs active care. You examine the patient after the IME and find the patient to be symptomatic. What do you do now?? As a caring medical provider, you want to ensure that the patient achieves MMI before you discharge them from treatment. But, as a conscientious business person, you want...

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It’s All We Do

Some law firms don’t do it at all; some law firms dabble in it; some firms ask you to pay them to do it. At The Law Office of PIP Collect, LLC, collecting outstanding PIP money owed to you is all we do. We don’t dabble in it. We don’t charge you to collect it. It’s all we do and we do it best. We understand you have a busy practice and would much rather spend time healing your patients than chasing insurance companies for your money. You’ve probably got a file cabinet or even a basement full of files with...

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