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At The Law Offices of PIP Collect, LLC, collecting outstanding PIP money owed to healthcare providers is what we do. We don’t just dabble in it. It’s all we do and we do it well.

We can help you recover claims that date back as far as 6 years. That includes files with uncollected balances based on Usual and Customary Reductions, Independent Medical Examination cutoffs, and Medical Record Reviews, to name a few.

We Come to Your Office

We understand you have a busy practice and would rather focus on patient care than chasing insurance companies for payment. Our “triage” experts will come to your office, comb through, and review all your PIP claims, past and present. We will determine which claims appear to be underpaid or wrongly denied by insurance companies. We do all this following HIPAA and WISP regulations.

We Pay Upfront Filing Fees/Costs

Most PIP law firms require upfront payment from their clients, but with us that is not the case. We will pay all upfront filing fees and costs when filing suit on your case.

We Have a 97% Success Rate

Our attorneys only practice in one area of the law – collecting your PIP money from insurance companies. Let us do what we do best so you can do what you do best!

Claim what is rightfully yours, don’t wait another day! Contact us at 978-745-7950.

Monica DePierro
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