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The Law Office of PIP Collect, LLC has a team of attorneys and staff dedicated to serving our clients.  By specializing in the collection of unpaid medical bills due out of applicable PIP benefits, the attorneys and staff at our firm have a thorough knowledge of this specific area of law, and have achieved superb results.

We have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of hundreds of clients.  We have handled thousands of cases, and we maintain an exceptional rate of success.  In court, we present with professionalism, preparedness and courtesy as well as zealous advocacy. If necessary, we take cases through to trial and even appeal.  On behalf of our clients we have obtained numerous favorable outcomes at magistrate hearings, jury trials, bench trials and on appeals.  We have successfully taken on every established auto insurance company in the state of Massachusetts, and we continue to thrive.

Appellate Victories

Kantorosinski Chiropractic v. Commerce Ins. Co.
2012 Mass. App. Div. 231 (2012)

Record review report and defense expert’s testimony regarding guidelines and studies not admissible as evidence.

Metro West Medical Associates, Inc. v. Metropolitan Prop. & Cas. Ins. Co.
Mass Appeal Court No. 2012-P-0081 and 2012-P-0082

Ingenix bill reduction data found to be unreliable and inadmissible as evidence.

Kantorosinski Chiropractic v. Plymouth Rock Assurance Co.
2011 Mass.App.Div. 234 (2011)

Tender of unpaid balance after lawsuit (Pursuant to Fascione v. CNA Ins. Co.) did not entitle Defendant to Summary Judgment.

Regional Rehabilitation Associates Management, Co. v. Pilgrim Ins. Co.
2012 Mass. App. Div. 182 (2012)

Extension of the Statute of limitations by way of subsequent payment acknowledging entire debt.

Flax Pond Chiropractic v. Quincy Mutual Ins. Co.
2014 Mass. App. Div. 239 (2014)

“Fascione” payment and subsequent motion denied again, now via Barron v. Norfolk & Dedham (the SJC decided Barron in favor of the plaintiff medical provider).

Lomibo LLC d/b/a All State Pain Tmt. and Therapy Cntr. v. Quincy Mut. Ins. Co.
2014 Mass. App. Div. 241 (2014)

Similar to Flax Pond v. Quincy Mut. Ins. Co.; again, “Fascione” payment and subsequent motion denied, via Barron.

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