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“I’ve been in the profession for 34 years now. Collecting money on legitimate billing has literally never been so difficult as it is now. I consider myself a well-organized, well-educated doctor. Together with my well-organized office and staff, we are adept at collecting outstanding monies due. Yet, we still need help. I tried small claims with various lawyers over the years with decidedly mixed results and then I heard about the Law Office of PIP Collect, LLC. I trusted my fellow chiropractor who recommended them, gave them a chance and truly, it has been a God send. We are collecting on cases several years old now. We are collecting on those deeply ridiculous “normal reductions” that is the big rage. We are collecting on all kinds of outstanding balances and it has made my life much easier. Thank you Law Office of PIP Collect, LLC!”

– John Haberstroh, DC, bostonspineclinics.com

“It is wonderful to have experienced, legal professionals, who are pleasant to work with and who can handle our most difficult collections.”

– Michael Kantorosinski, Kantorosinski Chiropractic,Inc.

“An outstanding job … We are thrilled with the results of the Law Office of PIP Collect, LLC.”

– Dr. Richard Garian, Chiropractic Services Inc.

“If you have patient files with outstanding balances, call the Law Office of PIP Collect, LLC today and get paid quickly!”

– Dr. Ilan S. Amar

“PIP Collect have been amazing to work with. They’r extremely through and professional and have helped our physical therapy business recap a lot of money from insurance companies. I couldn’t recommend their services enough.”

– Eric Edelmun, Peak PT

“I am the owner of All State Pain Treatment & Therapy Center, a chiropractic treatment center. I was receiving anywhere from 60% to 80% of my bills through the insurance companies as they were accessing usual and customary deductions to my bills. For the past 5 plus years, I have been using PIP Collect to collect my outstanding balances on these bills. Since using PIP Collect, I have been receiving 100% on over 95% of my bills and, in addition, insurance companies have been settling with me without me having to put the cases in collection as they know that they will lose. I would recommend, without hesitation, PIP Collect for any and all collection work for your business. “


– Elizabeth Derrico, All State

“I have been using PIP Collect for 4 years. They have solved hundreds of pip adjustments for my clients. It is so nice to send a file over to Emily with a $50.00 adjustment and almost by magic a check for $50.00 appears in as little as two months.”

– Maryann Burke, MBB Professional Services

“After six years working with the Law Offices of PIP Collect, my company has recouped significant balances without any negative backlash from the major insurance companies. Entrusting my files to the experienced team at PIP has been a lucrative business decision and PIP continues to recover substantial amounts from various insurance companies, all at no cost to me. “

– Rhonda Tippet, Patriot All Pro

“As a physical therapy clinic owner for over 15 years i have always suggested to receive adequate reimbursement from motor vehicle insurance companies who are determined to cut payments and short change facilities like mine. PIP Collect has been instrumental in connecting payments that are owed to us, allowing me to focus my valuable energy and time into more important activities such as patient care”


– Domenic Visocchi, Precision PT

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